Jamaica, Negativity and Soul Sickness

Negativity is such a drain on the soul. It leads to soul sickness. You might not believe in something called ‘soul’ except what was supposedly only in Black music. Specifically, African-American music – soul music. But I wont get into that right now. This post is coming out of weariness. I’m soul-sick from all the negative vibes backed up inside.

In addition, I’m overcome with a guilt and vexation. Guilt for feeling such relief from the depressing stressful life a yard every time I get on the plane these days. Now imagine that, for I don’t know about you but I do not find any fun in travelling these days. It’s all one stressful exercise that I put up with. Now every time I see a suitcase waiting to be packed I get anxious. I need some serious therapy.

Then, my vexation stems from my part in the general national impotence. It seems that stuck, we cannot or are afraid to throw out the few rotten eggs that’s screwing up our nation. We need to get rid of the nauseating stench that’s polluting Jamaica’s breeze. I’m feeling positively toxic I tell you.

So there’s that guilt and vexation to contend with, while struggling not to lose my religion over the external factors that bombard us daily. So here I am to vent; wondering who else feels this way.

I’ve committed to spreading positive vibes about Jamaica, and this is not intended to portray a negative image of our nation. Collectively, we are doing a darn fine job of it. However, I feel like I’m going to burst from holding back how I’ve been feeling these past months. The unsettling times which commenced with the extradition request for Christopher “Dudus” Coke which has now erupted into the Mannat-Dudus Commission of Inquiry has been the overarching “sapper” of my energies. Jamaica’s newest daytime TV drama, starring a bag of monkeys aka public/government officials is all I’ve been hearing about for the past 2-3 months. Mi seriously tyad a ii!!

And if that’s not enough, there’s the FINSAC travesty. Now I’ve got a healthy dose of criticisms for the ‘privileged’ insiders of Jamaican society. And that I’ll eventually vent here sooner or later. However, I cannot find it in me to glory at someone’s demise. And the unjust stories I’ve heard of so many lives destroyed. Gosh man. It wrenched my heart.

Those major stories have done nothing to help the daily price increases in market, supermarket and stores. It is so depressing to know that the average pension check might only be able to cover one or half of a utility bill. I’ve watched my own utility bills jump by 50% on the total of all of them together over a 4 month period. And every budget projection for 6 months went straight out the window. How does someone who only has a pension check and no support from any other source survives in Jamaica land we love is not a lovely picture right now.

And the list could go on..prolonged like the pain. And today, I’m thinking of Japan and hoping that we are spared something disastrous this year. So let me bring these ramblings to a close for I tyad…