Jamaica Breeze in my mind, captures invisible yet very evident movement. The Irie vibes of Jamaica is something like that. Not many words can describe that certain something that is felt by all who visit our shores. And when Jamaicans leave home, no matter how they were anxious to get to foreign shores..with thoughts of escaping hardship to find a better life..no matter where they go, they miss ‘it’. It is the vibes of which I speak. It’s not all positive though.

There are a lot of negative and painful realities at home. However, we have a way of smiling or laughing our way through the harshest of times. Sometimes we give the impression that we are not serious. But many know this is just a part of our coping mechanism. This Blog will not overlook, but will challenge the negatives. However, the major emphasis will be on spreading the good, the positive vibes about Jamaica Land We Love.

So stay tuned for all things Jamaica that springs to my mind or which surfaces in Jamaica News from both formal and alternative sources. I’ll share Jamaica Photos and favourite Jamaica Videos. I’ll talk about Jamaica Food and break out a Jamaica Recipe or two. All this and more to come, so do keep on visiting and sharing your feedback.

Stay strong!
Julie Henry
Kingston, Jamaica


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