War or Rumors of War In Jamaica?

Yesterday, Jamaica’s  ‘downtown’ commercial center or downtown Kingston was shut down as a result of ‘rumours of war’. When the rumor hit the street that the extradition order for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke (wanted in the US for trial on Drug and gun charges), business ground to a halt as the anticipated warlike response of his supporters caused Jamaicans to panic and head home.

I’ve been trying to keep silent about the whole Government  – Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke VS US Extradition Order saga. I didn’t want my next article after such a long time to be about all that negative vibes surrounding Jamaica. But wha fi do!

Finally, after months of this issue being drawn out; the image of Jamaica further tarnished in the eyes of the international community, the trauma of the uncertainties surrounding the fate of our nation in the hands of dishonest political leaders (nothing new mind you!) to hear today that Dudus will be finally arrested by the police is at once a relief and cause for our usual suspicions and anxieties to kick in.

There is relief that at last the stalemate has been broken and the case can move forward in the hands of the law. Dudus now gets a chance to face the justice system and must now prove his innocence. The entire nation does not have be tried along with him.

We are naturally suspicious of our political leaders. Lying is expected. Lying and getting caught, after the arrogant stance and denials is a slap in the face of our people. Lawks, we can gwaan like wi a iidiat sometimes, but we no like nobody tek we fi fool!! The Hon Prime Minister Bruce Golding underestimated the stubbornness of the Jamaican people when him try to tek we fi fool.

So suspicion is rife. All that talk of ‘please accept my heartfelt apologies, and forgive me’ lacks the conviction that encourages trust. The PM is right, forgiveness will take a long time to come. Not just that, but except for the blind that cannot see one has to wonder, why now? Why did this action take so long? Why did it have to come to this Mr. PM and was it worth it Sir? Why it took mounting pressure and calls for resolution, why when the freeze of the cold hits the butt that it is now that there is movement on the case of Christopher Coke?? Dat noh look suspicious? After all this time and months of pain, the PM announces that the Extradition Order for Christopher Coke will be signed.

Sure everyone is wondering now, why this action couldn’t have taken place before? And of course we all want to know so how come its happening so easily? Hmmmm? Speculation is rife..

As anxieties about ‘wars’ swirl around in our minds, a Travel Advisory issued by the US Embassy in Jamaica raised alarm and when Jamaica’s security forces were deployed to ‘trouble spots’ everyone went to bed with a prayer on their lips. I know I couldn’t wait for daylight. And today, unlike other days except when hurricane season is active (confession) my radio is tuned for breaking news alerts. I feel like the gun at the starting line of a race…and the tension is palbable.

The news came a short while ago that the order has been given for Coke’s arrest, so what will tonight bring?